Press Release

January 18, 2023

Open Cybersecurity Alliance Adds Indicators of Behavior (IoB) Sub-Project

Security Practitioners to Create Standardized Approach for Representing Cyber Threat Actor Behaviors in a Sharable Format
May 31, 2022

OCA joins Nonprofit Cyber Coalition

OCA becomes an active member of the Nonprofit Cyber Coalition.
June 29, 2021

IBM Contributes Kestrel Threat Hunting Tool to OASIS Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA)

Kestrel lets threat hunters ‘devote more time to figuring out what to hunt, as opposed to how to hunt’ Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA), an OASIS Open Project, today announced it has accepted IBM’s contribution of Kestrel, an open-source programming language for threat hunting that is used by Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and other cybersecurity professionals. Kestrel streamlines cyber reasoning and […]