The Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) is building an open ecosystem where cybersecurity products interoperate without the need for customized integrations. The OCA’s mission is to increase interoperability across the security industry by developing and promoting sets of common code, tooling, and standards to simplify integration across the threat lifecycle. Collaborate with other leading organizations to help make standards-based, interoperable cybersecurity a reality.

Technical participation is free and open to all developers. That’s why the OCA relies on a core group of stakeholder organizations whose financial commitment ensures that the initiative stays on track and receives the resources it needs to succeed.

Why should your company become a member?

The OCA is a collaborative community with open governance. By joining the OCA, your company is taking an active role to shape the future of the security ecosystem and drive interoperability between security tools that benefit the entire cybersecurity community. You will:

  • Get recognized as part of a global alliance of leaders committed to in open source security/cybersecurity
  • Take advantage of shared community development to accelerate and augment your own R&D
  • Help build consensus on key cybersecurity issues
  • Get short-listed by prospective customers who require interoperable solutions
  • Ensure the success of the OCA by helping fund services the community relies on
  • Gain the ability to interoperate in an ecosystem with other industry leaders
  • Grow your network within the cybersecurity industry
  • Collaborate safely with potential partners and competitors supported by within the solid governance provided by OASIS


As a member, you’ll ensure the success of OCA by providing funding for the services the community relies on. Your dues will help provide that’s necessary for the OCA’s technical administration, IP management, governance, collaboration tools, community support, outreach, event services, and other vital services.incentives for technical contributions.

Membership Benefits


Annual Membership Dues

Premier $70,000
General Sponsor
2,000+ employees $31,500
500-1,999 employees $19,000
100-499 employees $12,500
10-99 employees $6,300
Fewer than 10 employees $2,600
Nonprofit, university, local or non-OECD government $1,300


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Sponsor Testimonial

  • When security teams are constantly spending their time manually integrating tools and maintaining those integrations, it’s not helping anyone other than the attackers... The mission of the OCA is to create a unified security ecosystem, where businesses no longer have to build one-off manual integrations between every product, but instead can build one integration to work across all, based on a commonly accepted set of standards and code.
    Jason Keirstead, CTO of Threat Management
    IBM Security
  • Collective defense is a powerful security strategy that we need to leverage to fend off the bad guys. At Cyware, our vision is to achieve collective defense for all organizations which will be further strengthened with Cyware joining the OCA. We are really excited to be part of the OCA initiative and look forward to fostering the culture of collaboration at all the possible levels for effective threat response.
    Avkash Kathiriya - VP Research and Innovation
    Cyware Labs
  • Ciaran Bradley, CTO
    EclecticIQ and the Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) share a common belief that an open ecosystem improves cybersecurity for everyone. Our open and extensible platform makes it easy to use and share intelligence from multiple sources to detect threats earlier, remediate incidents faster, and run operations more efficiently. We applaud the OCA for driving industry-wide cooperation on protocols and standards surrounding sharing cybersecurity insights and findings.
    Ciaran Bradley, CTO
  • The Center for Internet Security (CIS) joined the Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA), because we have common missions – to improve the efficacy of cybersecurity programs. Each organization plays a vital role in achieving this. CIS produces a variety of authoritative, community-developed security best practices (CIS Critical Security Controls and CIS Benchmarks), which are designed to be incorporated into interoperable software components. The OCA seeks to enable that interoperability with interface and payload definitions accompanied by running code. Together, we are helping organizations – both in the public and private sector – to better protect their customers and their own reputations.
    Center for Internet Security (CIS)