Get Involved

OCA is committed to providing an open and welcoming environment for all contributors. Anyone can join our Slack discussions, subscribe to our mailing lists, and make technical contributions to any of our projects at any time!

See what our Project Governing Board (PGB) is doing.

The OCA Board meets on a monthly basis. See their meeting minutes, email archive and calendar.

Participate in our Marketing Committee

Our Marketing Committee meets on a monthly basis. Follow this link to review previous emails, learn about the marketing committee meeting schedule and subscribe to the group emails.

Review the OCA Reference Architecture

See this link to our current draft of our OCA architecture discussions as we evolve this diagram.

This work positions OCA with other related activities (especially IACD and SACM) so we can ensure we have alignment.

This reference architecture is also serving us as a basis for our planned OCA activities to define the actions/alerts that formulate ontology as part of the OpenDXL Ontology project.

Join an OpenDXL Ontology Workgroup

  • Threat Intelligence
  • Endpoint
  • SIEM
  • SOAR
  • Infrastructure
  • Vulnerability, Compliance, Policy
  • OT/Embedded
  • Security Overlay/Consolidators/Consultancy

Each workgroup will define Actions and Notifications, leveraging the OpenDXL Ontology outline and samples here. To join a workgroup, contact us on our #introductions Slack channel.

Contribute to an OCA Project

In addition to the workgroups listed above, you may contribute to any of the OCA Projects via our GitHub repositories.