Project Governing Board & Technical Leadership

Governance for the Open Cybersecurity Alliance is managed by its Project Governing Board and its Technical Steering Committee. These two groups ensure that all OCA stakeholders have a voice in decisions affecting the work and that the contributions of developers, corporate supporters, and technology consumers are all valued.


Project Governing Board (PGB)

The Project Governing Board provides top-level guidance and strategic direction for the OCA. The Board includes those representatives from OCA Sponsors that have committed to the Entity Contributor Licensing Agreement. Learn how to join the OCA Project Governing Board by emailing us.

The current list of PGB representatives is here.


Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

The TSC directs the day-to-day technical activities of the OCA. TSC members include representatives from the developer community who are actively contributing to the project.

The list of current TSC members can be found here.