Posture Attribute Collection and Evaluation

Know Your Security Posture

Ignorance is not bliss, especially in the context of sophisticated computing systems that form the foundation of most contemporary enterprise, governance, and infrastructural endeavors.

Posture Attribute Collection and Evaluation (PACE) is a vendor-agnostic standards-based interoperable cybersecurity strategy patterned after the "integrate once, reuse everywhere" methodology. 

Utilizing command and control methodology with existing payload formats, PACE addresses both vulnerability prevention and threat/exploit mitigation. Multifaceted resources are mapped as configurations of constituent parts, including hardware components, base software, patches, and configuration. These discrete parts become semantically meaningful data points that can be compared against known exploits or actively scanned for current vulnerabilities.

Real-time structural analysis executed at a microscopic level gives individuals and organizations a priceless opportunity to prepare for or address potentially crippling cybersecurity attacks.

To learn more about technical specifications, scope, and development strategies, visit the PACE repository on GitHub.